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Pinapple  60 capsules

Pinapple 60 capsules

PINEAPPLE 60 capsules. The pineapple stalk contains the active ingredient bromelain, an enzyme with recognized
properties to support the physiological draining and purifying function, which make pineapple an active adjuvant in
low-calorie diet regimens, in localized skin blemishes and in cases of digestive disorders. Use the PINEAPPLE stalk in
capsules together with Montecatini Erbe Compound Birch herbal tea or with Montecatini Erbe PREPARATION 3 in
drops to fight liquids and fats in excess, improving circulation and reducing the so-called orange peel imperfection
derived from cellulite. But not all Pineapple Stalk preparations are the same: it is important that the ingredient is
carefully selected to ensure maximum purity and concentration of the active principles. Take 3 to 6 capsules a day.

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PESO STOP  80 tablets.

PESO STOP 80 tablets.

PESO STOP With Green Tea, Gymnema, Concentrated Bean Protein, Pineapple Stem Extract, CLA, Choline, Inositol,
L-Carnitine, Green Coffee, Cinnamon, Black Pepper, Chromium. Chromium and Gymnema are useful for supporting
the metabolism of carbohydrates and lipids. Green Tea enhances the balance of body weight in controlled low-calorie
diet regimens, associated with adequate physical activity, while Green Coffee plays a metabolic support action. It is
recommended to take 1-2 tablets after the main meals with a glass of water. Bottle of 80 tablets. 26,60 €

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