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Bath And Hidro Massage Salts 1000 g
BATH AND HYDRO MASSAGE SALTS. These precious salts contain marine extracts to help your skin to regain elasticity and smoothness and to reactivate blood circulation. They provide a natural approach to detoxify and re-mineralize the body. Two or three tablespoons in a bathtub. For a complete result use with Montecatini Erbe® Mud and CellCream.
Body Gommage 200 ml
Body Gommage with finely ground salt crystals embedded in a melting gel that is the perfect base for a delicate but effective exfoliating body massage.

Directions: gently rub on dry skin to remove dead cells and enhance the renewal of the skin. Rinse with warm water to leave a soft and velvety skin, perfectly ready to receive further treatments.
Cellulite Cream 200 ml.
Cellulite cream with Caffeine, Escin, Carnitine, stem cells of Gardenia, essential oil of Ginger 200ml cream for cosmetic treatment of cellulite.Massage on the affected areas.Ideal for buttocks,thighs,knees,abdomen.Even for arms and ankles.For a complete result use together with salt and mud with seaweed laminaria.
Hand Cream 75 ml
Helps to fight the signs of aging. Provides protection against damage caused by environmental factors.
USE: Apply several times a day with gentle massage.
Hand Cream with Propolis and Olive Oil 75 ml.
Hand cream recommended for very dry and damaged skin. Highly moisturizing and protective.
USE: Apply several times a day with gentle massage.
Foot Cream 100 ml.
Foot cream made with essential oils and plant extracts. Softens and moisturizes, fighting the feeling of tired and heavy feet . It helps keeping freshness of feet.
USE: apply massaging repeatedly on all areas of the feet and ankles.
Natural Deo Spray 100 ml.
Natural DEO SPRAY effective to prevent unpleasant odors. It is a natural deodorant made from extracts of Cypress and Green Tea.
DIRECTIONS: spray 2-3 times for 10-12 hours of natural protection.
Intimate Care Cleansing Liquid 300 ml.
INTIMATE CARE CLEANSING LIQUID. For all family, a delicate liquid with the refreshing Iris Florentina extract.
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