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Dear Customer,
We are proud to remind you that Montecatini Erbe
® is the only depositary of the formula of the well-known TE’ RINFRESCANTE (the natural aid against constipation) and the unique TISANA IN TAVOLETTE VITAVERA® (Herbal Tea in tablets) a very practical  alternative to TE’ RINFRESCANTE.
We wish to introduce to you the herbal teas in tablets, capsules and fluid extracts from the Line Le Naturaliste
®. This all-natural Line has met a great success with our international customers.
We invite you to try our products, which are the best from tradition and advanced scientific research in phytotherapy, and are the top quality and best prices available.
Discover your potential with Montecatini Erbe
® Skin Care, Body Care and Hair Care Lines!
Since 1977 Montecatini Erbe
® has set the standard for excellence in progressive skin care and body care treatments. Our staff of skin care professionals has designed a line of products to guide you toward a new way of caring for yourself. We look forward to sharing with you our expertise to help you restore wellness and beauty. From the long experience of Montecatini Erbe® all you need so that a youthful face and a beautiful body with firm, slim contours is no longer a youthful memory. No one can promise miracles, Montecatini Erbe® can promise results. Softer, smoother, more resilient skin!
Here follows a selection of our products: in our shops You’ll be able to discover an ever increasing number of treatments our experts are formulating to meet the needs of our international public.

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