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telephone: +39 (0)572 78148 MON-SUN 9.00-12.30 and 16.00-19.30 CET
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Montecatini Erbe® is a registered trademark.
Le Naturaliste
®, a registered trademark of Montecatini Erbe®, represents the Cosmetic Ranges and  Natural Supplements known all over the world. The birth of these two brands did not happen by chance but was the result of a long experience in natural health care and skin care, which date back to 1977. Today, these two brands represent a company that stands for tradition, professionalism, attention to its customers and is interested in the developments in the Natural industry and scientific research, both in the development and marketing of products closer to the specific needs of many consumers. In  Montecatini Erbe® stores, you can find the tradition of traditional italian herbs and herbal teas along with the most innovative counter products. Reconciling these two "ways" of the vast market of Natural Products is not easy, nor you can improvise natural wellness operators. Only by relying on companies like Montecatini Erbe®, which in addition to the passion and dedication of its staff, can guarantee sound experience and specific technical skills, the consumer can find the right advice and the right product for his/her specific needs.
Montecatini Erbe
® owns also the brand "Vitavera Herbal Tablets®". For decades the success of this product has been decreed by a wider audience of consumers who now identify the well-being and regularity with the name Vitavera®!
The Argan Oil Range and the Thermal Oligoelements Range are the latest news.

Montecatini Erbe s.a.s. di Figini R. & C. via Garibaldi 15 Montecatini Terme (PT) tel. 057278148 P. IVA e C.F. 01023930470

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