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Cartidol 45 tablets 1g

Cartidol 45 tablets 1g

Excellence in phyto-nutritional chondroprotection. • It hampers the inflammatory process in all joint locations.
• It promotes the reconstruction of new cartilage and connective tissue.
• It counteracts in synergy with Artidol capsules, the acute and chronic symptoms related to cartilage damage.
• It helps in post-surgical and post-arthroscopic rehabilitation. Method of use:
2 tablets per day, between meals.
Devil’s Claw, Dog Rose, Glucosamine Sulphate, MSM, Hydrolized Collagen Type II, Depolymerized Chondroitin Sulphate, Hyaluronic Acid, Manganese and Vitamin E.

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Devil's Claw Cream Montecatini Erbe 100 ml.

Devil's Claw Cream Montecatini Erbe 100 ml.

A massage cream to alleviate pain of the joint and muscle tension.

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TURMERIC & PIPERINE COMPLEX Contains a synergy of plant extracts of turmeric and black pepper, with a
high concentration of active ingredients such as curcuminoids and piperine which have a marked antioxidant effect. The
garcinia extract is useful to enhance the metabolism of fats, to keep the balance of body weight and to control hunger
feelings. Optimal balanced dosage of black pepper extract, natural source of piperine, for an effective metabolic
stimulation. The vegetable capsules are acid-resistant to protect the gastric mucosa and prevent the degradation of the
active ingredients in the stomach. Bottle of 60 capsules. Take 1-2 capsules a day, for 1 month of full dose treatment.

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Arnica 30% 75 ml Gricar

Arnica 30% 75 ml Gricar

It is characterized by a high bioavailability of vegetable active substances, carried in an emollient and moisturizing oily emulsion, and by excellent tolerability provided by the eudermic and eutrophic excipients with a sebo-similar pH, which make it particularly suitable for sensitive skins, too. The flavouring is obtained from pure essential oils to preserve the product’s genuineness. Natural flavouring obtained from pure essential oils and herbal extracts. Free from oil derivatives, parabenes and PEG
Recommended for:
It helps activate local circulation
To refresh and tone up tired skin, helping bruises and muscle pain of varying origin to disappear.
Mode of use:
Apply the ointment by a massage on the affected part with circular movements until the product is completely absorbed. We suggest 2-3 applications per day.

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Carmol White Cream 60 g.

Carmol White Cream 60 g.

Carmol white cream is an ointment for clutches, based on essential oils derived from precious medicinal herbs. It also has analgesic properties, promotes blood circulation and, thanks to the active substances of different medicinal herbs, has a wide range. Carmol is well tolerated by the skin, penetrates quickly and leaves no trace.

Outdoor use. Rub the ointment white Carmol in cases of: lumbago, sciatica, back pain, neuritis, rheumatism, muscle aches and cramps in the calf, sprains, bruises, muscle sprains white Carmol The ointment is also indicated in the case of cooling, bronchitis, cough and phlegm, which acts as an adjuvant. Carmol is successfully used by athletes after every effort to combat muscle pain and promote blood circulation.

Directions for Use:
Spread the cream white Carmol several times a day on the parts of the body and joints involved and massage thoroughly. In cases of colds, cough and phlegm massage morning and evening the back and chest with white cream Carmol and keep warm

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Carmol drops 80 ml

Carmol drops 80 ml

Malaise , stomach upset , nervous or sickness?

10 herbs that make effect , 10 drops that help !!

The traditional recipe of Carmol drops contains valuable active ingredients of 10 medicinal plants : Indian lemon balm , sage , clove , lemon , Chinese cinnamon , lavender , nutmeg , anise , thyme and mint .

Easy to use Carmol drops is suitable for anyone .

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Carmol Sport Gel 80 ml

Carmol Sport Gel 80 ml

This gel is ideal for massages , tonicizzante effect and creates a pleasant sense of freshness .
Massage invigorating , fresh and sparkling .
Massage gel made ​​from herbs and plants carefully selected .
Carmol Sport gel invigorates the muscles , creates a sense of sparkling freshness .
Apply Carmol Sport gel and be followed immediately a light massage . Avoid contact with eyes and mucous membranes . Avoid use for babies and children . Do not apply to open wounds

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